19 de julho de 2013

PlayStation Mobile: Hermit Crab in Space e mais outros games chegam na PS Mobile

A PlayStation Mobile apesar de ter um potencial enorme, não recebe a devida atenção da Sony, mas mesmo assim ultimamente tem aparecido algumas novidades interessantes. Na atualização desta semana, o destaque fica por conta do Hermit Crab in Space. Leia abaixo a descrição do joguinho publicada originalmente no PlayStation Blog:

"Hermit Crab in Space is a modular space shooter with a crustacean flare for PlayStation Mobile. Players take control of a hermit crab who warped herself to the wrong sector. To get her back home, the player will have to fight their way through a galaxy of hostile sectors in an improvised ship that is never more than a few hits away from falling apart. Hermit Crab in Space was the 2013 winner of the PlayStation Mobile Game Jam."

O Game está disponível para compra na PS Mobile, você terá que desembolsar $ 2.79. O valor cobrado se refere tanto ao PS Vita quanto aos Xperias com certificado PlayStation. Confira a lista de aparelhos com certificado acessando aqui.

Outros games:
The Packet Queen by Studio F# ($2.99)
Block Buster by Aquadia Co., Ltd. ($3.79)
Dynamic Visual Acuity Test by Toshinori Tamashihro ($0.99)
Touch Treasure by Chair Warming Facility ($0.49)
Adventure Bar Labyrinth by RideonJapan, Inc. (Free, In-App Purchases $2.29-$25.99)


Picbox by Stinky Badger Games (Free, In-App Purchase $2.29)
MineSweeper by HEART ART (copy.99)
Tobipen by BoobyTrap., Ltd. (copy.49, In-App Purchase $0.99)
Duelist Calculator by Akio Ogata ($0.49)
Bike Rider DX by Spicysoft Corporation ($5.99)
Preços novos

Tokyo Jungle Mobile by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Old $2.99, New $5.99)
Apocalypse Defense by Tim Collins (Old $3.79 , New copy.29)
Visualize by Tim Collins (Old copy.29, New $0.49)
Luminis by Tim Collins (Old copy.79, New $0.49)